Olivia Ruiz-Knott

Creative Technologist

I’m Livvy. I love making things. Specifically: delightful, beloved, and somewhat frivolous things. Currently, I work as a Creative Technologist at Hovercraft.

Software-engineering-wise, I’ve worked with these tools so far: Next.js, Vite, Vercel, Unity, Python, Django, Javascript, ReactJS, Redux, Gatsby, Contentful, Netlify, Ruby, Rails, SQL, HTML, CSS, Tailwind, KnockoutJS, a variety of testing frameworks.


Software Engineer
March 2020 – Present
Cambridge, MA

Full-stack web developer at an ed-tech company founded by Harvard and MIT. Started as Software Engineer II, promoted to Senior Software Engineer I.

  • Implemented an MVP toward facilitating the concept of “electives” and served as tech lead for developing that work into a full feature for all partners to use, designing an implementation plan across multiple internal repositories.
  • Participated in early research into “educator-to-learner communication” improvements; observed and then conducted user research interviews, synthesized findings into top educator needs.
  • Took ownership of, fixed bugs in, investigated, documented, and improved the service responsible for issuing credentials to users; this included refactoring commands to solve hundreds of customer support requests and fixing data syncing issues across internal services.
  • Served as tech lead on new “product line architecture work”: worked with UX on design sprint, sat in on user interviews, built new models in Contentful and connected them to our Gatsby site, planned and broke work into tickets for myself and other developers, and facilitated bug bash to test work before release.
Software Engineer
May 2017 – March 2020
Somerville, MA

Full-stack web developer maintaining and building new features for an online music notation editor.

  • Researched and implemented accessibility best practices to make the homepage fully accessible, building a custom pop-up handler and making plans to work on the rest of the site
  • Converted older JavaScript (knockout.js) into React, building newly redesigned product pages
  • Led front-end integration with Rich Relevance, a smart search and recommendation service
  • Developed new features and fixed bugs in various areas of 10-year-old codebase, including: commerce (subscriptions, payments, seller integration), reporting, and audio previews
  • Participated in all aspects of the development process, including: project planning and estimation, release engineering, automated test writing, QA testing, code review, and reducing technical debt


Launch Academy
January 2017 – May 2017
Boston, MA
Andrews University
Bachelor of Arts (BA), Communication, Religion
August 2011 – May 2015
Berrien Springs, MI
Site designed and developed in-house by Ivan & Livvy. Project managed with Notion and Slack. Screens designed in Figma. Custom fonts “Suits”, “RK Sans”, “RK Serif”, and “RK Mono” designed in Glyphs. Hosted with Netlify, managed with Contentful, built with Gatsby, styled with Tailwind. A work in progress. Site version 1.1.
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