LS Paint

Pixel drawing for LEGO art sets

Ivan Ruiz-Knott Designer, Developer

LS Paint is a tool I designed and developed to help me create illustrations and generate building instructions for custom LEGO art using a limited amount of pieces from a limited color palette.

In the spirit of not following the included instructions and making my own thing, I ordered myself the LEGO World Map art set (at the time the largest LEGO set ever created by piece count) and immediately started puzzling over how to make a different image with the built in limitations.

I’m a graphic designer, occasionally dabbling in illustration, but after looking at my main tools and investigating a few others, I couldn’t find any that could easily keep track of a remaining amount of pixels of a particular color. That is very simply a weird thing to need.

Enter my rather basic understanding of web languages and p5.js, as well as spirit of building things, engrained from a sometimes solitary childhood playing with LEGO bricks, and I knew what I needed to do.

LS Paint Development

A p5.js sketch to test out features.

Building 22

Building out “22”, the first work to be created.


The final version of “22”

LS Paint Interface

A custom interface designed for easier drawing.

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