An end-of-summer picture show

Ivan Ruiz-Knott Organizer, Host

Olivia Ruiz-Knott Organizer

Writeup by Ivan

Every year since 2018 we’ve hosted an end-of-summer picture show where we invite all our friends to get together and give slideshows about their summer. It’s one of our favorite rituals, and while we stop short of formal paper invitations, we put a lot of care into the events. In 2021 we even did a three-city tour.

Summery 2018

The inaugural, 2018 event, hosted in the Somerville Theatre’s Microcinema. A candid photo of the crowd Ivan took to include in his own presentation that year which closed the event.

Summery 2019

2019, again at Somerville Theatre. Ivan playing live music to accompany his photos of a trip to Iceland.

Summery 2020

2020. We of course pivoted to Zoom. Much smaller crowd.

Summery 2021 Denver

2021 in Denver. Our neighbor Auggie presenting about his fire-fighting summer.

Summery 2021 Boston

2021 in Boston (technically Cambridge). Hosted outside to accomodate the culture of caution.

Summery 2021 NYC

2021 in NYC. Hosted outside because our friend Steve had an amazing rooftop.

Summery 2022 Denver

2022, again at our place in Denver.


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