Continuing what has become a yearly tradition—

Some happenings:

David and Danielle got married in the mountains, where we met Alex and Caleah and looked up at the stars, entertaining the idea of becoming friends. We travelled to Scotland, where we wandered the old city of Edinburgh, delighted by the all the closes and how much it all resembled the world of Harry Potter; in Glasgow we made ourselves new wedding bands, and attended Nick and Lauren’s wedding, where I got to give a speech; in a bus, with a group, we toured the Highlands and took short walks, scrambling across boulders, sketching and making music where we could. Livvy got a new job. Josh and Stephanie stopped in Colorado on their way to Chicago, and we joked, seriously, of a future where we join them out there and I become their nanny. We learned, after it was far too late, that we had had a falling out with one of our closest local friends. Evan came to town and introduced us to Greg and Jill. Jason and Rex came out for our fifth-annual Summery. We went back home for Pao and Jeremy’s wedding and were flabbergasted by the Black Mirror house off of Kephart. We took a trip to Hawaii with Livvy’s parents. I got into (and within the year completed) Practica Program. I got coffee with Doug Wilson after fan-mailing him about his documentary. We attended and helped with my grandfather’s memorial service in Mexico. Simone came to town for her brother’s engagement. We went home for the holidays and attended one of Kelsey’s PowerPoint parties. We returned and started hosting our own. I started a daily writing habit. I went to a type design meetup where I learned about another. We visited Malika in Pittsburgh, and then other old friends in Boston for Hyphen’s birthday party. We went on a ski trip with my family that turned into a home improvement blitz. We met a mayoral candidate, which inspired Livvy to help us meet the rest of them. I did a lot of solo skiing. I started playing soccer. We took another trip to our hometown for a farewell and a camera. We visited Kyle and Ale and Phil and Jo in the Bay Area and had what felt like a million conversations. Tears of the Kingdom finally came out. Suddenly, in a panic, we began training for Kilimanjaro. Patrick and Maria visited. We saw the aftermath of an NBA championship victory—the city alive.

Some aspirations:

Lately, to create things around community in beautiful places. This year I hope specifically for more type design, progress on our website, finishing our tapestry, planning our 10-year anniversary party, and hosting more creative events; more participating in multiple communities while working toward an integrated community; and trips to beautiful places while continuing to improve our home—with the greatest hope being to start a local, creative, community space.